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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Vintage Clothes, Vintage Clothing & Vintage Bargains

Vintage Clothes, Vintage Clothing and Vintage Bargains

More and more one-of-a-kind items arriving at Front Street Trading daily, finding serious style for secondhand prices is simple. Use these tips to turn frugal vintage bargain finds into fashion-forward deals:

In fashion, what’s old is always new again, and there is no better place to find vintage clothing then view our items. Create a timeline mixer by combining a 70s-style leather jacket (hot for all seasons), a chunky 20s- or 30s-era heel and an embroidered bag from the 60s, and you’ll surely make a splash on the vintage scene.

Shopping at Front Street Trading is the ultimate treasure chest when it comes to vintage, retro clothing pieces. Use oversized earrings as buttons to glam up a favorite leather jacket or pearl necklaces as detailed touch to a vintage fur coat.


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