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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Hurricane Katrina, vintage clothes & Demi Moore

Hello Everyone,

If you have not heard about Hurricane Katrina then you must be living in a closet. When watching hurricane katrina and the horrible effect taking place, I had this overwhelming feeling to reach out and help. It was a no brainer that the people in New Orleans and other cities would need alot.

From vintage clothes, leather coats, dress shirts and more had all been put together and boxed up. Whatever clothing we had...mostly vintage, that was still in good condition had to be shipped out. I could not have thought of a better thing to do with some of the extra clothing we had. Everyone here feels hopefully the clothes went to good use.

Also, there is a great event that is taking place this Wednesday(10/5) evening. It is called "Dine for America" and includes about 16,000 restaurants across the country that will be donating some of the dinner proceeds to the American Red Cross for the victims of hurricane Katrina and hurricane Rita. To find a participating restaurant, go to

From Everyone here at Front Street Trading, our hearts go out to the people effected by this and hope you find enough strength to get by.

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Anonymous said...

Great site...found some off topic news reads...will come back often and check u guys I like your online store has some good deals...never thought I could find a leather bomber jacket for under 50 bucks...WOW

John G

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