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Monday, April 18, 2005

Vintage Clothing Paris Hilton & Jane Fonda

Now thats a title...Vintage Clothing Paris Hilton & Jane Fonda. Why you ask are two totally different people next to each other...well fashion, what else. I guess Paris Hilton will continue to do whatever it takes to remain in the spot light. From her sex tape to lost dog...I mean why is this chick still showing up in front of tv? I only think she is good for showing off fashion and it should remain that never hear about how they are helping people who cant afford these expensive things...nope. From trash to class here's Jane Fonda Her eternal youthfulness, charm and versatile acting ability has allowed her to play a variety of memorable film roles. She has been going strong for a long time and has a great sense of fashion. Her taste for Vintage Clothes clearly shows she has the eye for spotting whats right & whats not. Things the will never go out of style are leather and fur...I know my fav is leather coats...I just cannot own enough coats...full length, waist...I dont care.

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James Wess said...

Hey...great blog and checkout your website, it has a nice layout. I plan on buying one of your coats, I thought it might have been a typo with the low prices...dont know how you do it, and I dont care either.

Keep up the great work...your on to somthing big,

James Wess

8:38 AM

Chet said...

Your blog design is Kick Butt! Good work man!

11:01 PM

Meg Hager Designs said...

I think Paris should come to my new web site
and buy stuff to knit her own clothes

9:54 AM


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