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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Leather Coat, Sin City & Pamela Anderson

Lets start off with the BIG talk of Sin City. First thing I said was, it looks dumb. I couldn't believe how many big stars where in this poor looking film. Maybe because Quentin Tarantino has made a few amazing movies, and I read that he helped jump start some old actors in other movies back into big time again, which would explain why many are willing to risk their future. I like all types of movies & in all different formats, but this one just looks plan horrible. The one part I can pull out of the movie and say is done well, would be the style of clothing used. Their knowledge in using leather fashion with motorcycle jackets, to leather crop jackets, keeps you in the scene of the movie but it ends there...The added effect use of vintage leather fashion help to hold you in the scene.

Now to a better topic, one of which involves Pamela Anderson. Style has everything to do with her. She knows how to make certain fashion look fabulous. Pamela can easily go from wearing a Full Length Fur Coat & drop it down to have showing a Vintage Leather swim suit. Pamela continues to find ways of keeping herself in public eye and making that fashion statement.

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