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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Leather Coats Vintage Fashion & Fur

Aside from having a lot of NEW items to go thru vintage clothing and get ready for listing them on our online site. Seems fashion has no trouble always being in the spot light. As for the clothing, I have been trying for so long to get the word out on our online business and it has become frustrating. We really do sell stylish gear, and at such a cheap price. You would pay more for this stuff in a NYC second hand shop and you have to travel for it. Where else can you find a Full Length Fur Coat for only $19.99...come ' on.

To get a handle on what might be stylish, some have checkout the show American Idol. Some of the people on this show have a grip on what is good looking, but I can tell you that help is needed for most...I mean who thinks of these outfits. Don't these people know how to where I nice looking Full Length Leather piece...?

staying within the music topic, I watched a bit of the 50 cent party he threw at his new pad...their were a lot of fashion going on in that joint. People had no problem dressing the part for this one.

Until next posting...hoping to get the word out on a bargain clothing store, with great stylish pieces.

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