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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Academy Awards Vintage Clothing & Jennifer Lopez

Today I Figured we could speak about the Academy Awards and the role it plays on setting a elegant style trend. As we watch different big name stars walk the red carpet, the "fashion guru's" come out and most begin to chop down certain women for things they wear, and I hate it. Granted I understand this is what creates a form of 'hype' to watching, but sometimes their words used to put down a outfit, can often be very harsh.

There was a interesting mix of style on the red carpet as for the type era gown. Some stepped out wearing new designer gowns, while others with a classic style decided to wear a 'you can't go wrong wearing' vintage gown. Our Wedding Gown and Evening Gown online section have some very fabulous, vintage pieces. All of which are selling at Bargain prices.

One of the 'who's who' mentioned as being something to speak about is Hilary Swank , she looks like such a humbled person. Hilary Swank has worked in the business for awhile now and her track record is one of good roles, heart felt roles. Often you see these actresses that are so, 'look at me, look at me' and this is not what you get here. Her complete package as a person is what will continue to bring her much success, and rightfully so.

Quick mention of a fashion show I watched on TV, would be on Jennifer Lopez. Wow, what a show...It clearly shows how fur clothing will be making a fashion statement. Designs by J.Lo such as this fur coat is a perfect example on how good she really is. View more PIC's of fur coats, fur pieces and styles J.Lo put together.

The above reasons are why we always sell out our inventory, and the vintage clothing fashion style will continue to remain in the public eye. Our selection of vintage clothing, leather coats, fur coats and much more, are always in demand.

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